BlackIce build update

We are now on our 4th Gen version of the myStorm Ice40 based development boards, The latest incarnation being the myStorm BlackIce II.

BlackIce II

The main changes between BlackIce and BlackIce II are mostly refinements as follows:

  1. SRAM Memory PIO pins on the Ice40 have been re-allocated to avoid the Global IOs which prevents issues with certain PLL settings and usage giving more flexibility.
  2. We used the free'd up a global IO to optionally enable internal resets via RTS from serial USB modem or externally.
  3. PMOD 1 now provides alternate function as a serial communications connector with handshake for Ice40 direct UART coms TX, RX, RTS, CTS
  4. The Serial USB is now directly wired into The Ice40 and programming is now done primarily through the native STM32 ┬ÁC USB native socket.
  5. PMOD13 shares it's pins with the EXT Arduino Header, SDCARD and DIPs
  6. Switched to linear regs after issues with the low voltage switch modes.
  7. Improved the grounding and reduced noise on the Ice40 PLL supply
  8. Added all of the required programming signals to the Raspberry Pi header to enable complete control and communication from Rpi
  9. We toned down the LED brightness to avoid blinding BlackIce users!

We have now made BlackIce II available from Tindie making the ordering process and options more streamlined than using the forum or attending events, so get them whilst they are hot!

There is a new BlackIce II getting started guide as well as a new repository for the opensource firmware (iceboot is now at V0.4), hardware and examples.

In addition we are starting to offer complementary products that help myStorm folks get more out of BlackIce for example the The myStorm Hackers PMOD Kit.

The myStorm Hackers PMOD Kit.

This kit enables BlackIce to connect up to breadboards for easy accessible hacking along with A prototyping PMOD board to make more your hardware hacks more permanent.

We are working on more products that can enhance the myStorm family so watch this space..