Getting our OSHCAMP on

So it's that time again OSHCAMP 2017 part of Wuthering Bytes is upon us, and this year we are bringing lots of lovely new BlackIce boards fresh from the myStorm ovens.

We now have native USB support on the STM32 µC which makes uploading bit-files super fast and efficient. It also allows us to free up the second USB/Serial port (CH340 based) for use by the FPGA for things like UART debugging etc.. In fact this years ChipHack - EDSAC Challenge also at Wuthering Bytes is based around the new BlackIce board including these enhancements. Other changes include; high speed and balanced routing of 3 of the double Pmod connectors, Ice40 programming pins now exposed on RPi headers as well as several fixes.


This year Ken will be talking about Minimum instruction computing and small soft processors during his new Education talk. Expect to here about OPC, EDSAC and Acorn Atom running on BlackIce.


Ken, myself and Richard are also attending ORCONF 2017 the following weekend and will have BlackIce available at that event, so a packed couple of weeks for myStorm, if your around please come a join us and say hello..

P.S. Ken has written more about David's Acorn Atom work